What do sex positions say about you?

Body language often points to personality traits, and sex positions are no different. There are five base placements that every sexual location is derived from. Each one can grant insight into your sexual attitude and perspective, and those of your partner. Take a look at these positions and see how you measure up to the revelations of each one. Check out out our MagicMen online adult shop page which has everything adult shop related that you might need..

 "You're such a doggy style!" is probably not something you get very often (or ever), but your personality and your spirit sex position might go hand-in-hand.

Whether you're all about the connection or always looking for your next adventure (hats off to you, cowgirls!), read on as we decode what your go-to moves say about you—and offer up alternatives for even spicier sex.

There's a reason every lyricist and the creepy guy in human history uses the phrase "I want to get to know you" as a euphemism for "I want to have sex with you". The way someone bonks can tell you more about them than hours of lukewarm dinner conversation, and although each person-person pairing provides its own unique story, there are a couple of steadfast rules.

Having said that, I appreciate that not every position means the same thing to every person. My own heteronormative experiences are bound to be different from LGBT+ lovers, or those from the BDSM community. But even within the world of straight sex, maybe there are women out there who feel like they can't emotionally connect with their partner on a deep and spiritual level unless they're on all fours, getting taken from behind.

So I didn't want to write about what your position predilections reveal without first enlisting three of my friends and three people I've had sex with (I'm not currently speaking to the other three) about their favourite sex position and what they thought it said about them. Still, this is far from an exhaustive guide, and my own experience is the basis. Check out out our Adult vibrator shop page which has everything adult shop related that you might need.

Small things can tell you a LOT about someone's personality. Sure signs are telling.

Whether it's a preferred wine or underwear, a zodiac sign or favourite food, there are several pointers to someone's personality. But NOTHING is more telling than someone's favourite sex position.

Sex is the most intimate act in human existence. It says countless things about you. The kind of lover you are will always reflect the kind of person you are.

There's no denying it: If you're a selfish lover, you're a selfish person. If you're a lazy lover, you're probably lazy in life.

Someone's favourite sex position is DEFINITELY a strong indicator of personality.

IT turns out that your bedroom behaviour can suggest a lot about your personality - and you may be shocked by how accurate these assertions are.

From the intimacy of spooning couples to the dominant women who prefer to go on top, your antics in bed can provide quite the insight into your personality.


This simple, safe position is perfect for those not looking to branch too far out of their comfort zone. Don't fret, though — this position is also favored by those seeking a more intimate connection with their partners, who enjoy the eye contact and skin-to-skin contact this position provides. If you prefer missionary because it allows you to be on top, this suggests you like control. Check out out our dildo shop page which has everything adult shop related that you might need.

This classic move indicates a man who likes to play it safe, although it can also signify a genuine bloke who needs a bit more reassurance in the bedroom.

However, this position can also point to a man who likes to be in control, as well as someone who favours intimacy.

And for women, favouring the missionary position can suggest that you're a busy, on-the-go person who just wants to relax in the bedroom.

This one usually needs little explaining, but for the sake of clarity here we go. This position requires the woman to lay down with her legs spread in order for her partner to lie between and enter her.

Missionary can be tailored in a couple of ways for different sensations, for example if your guys on the smaller side you may want to cross your ankles behind the small of his back and use them to pull him into you further.

To get the most from this position, you could try adapting it slightly, for prolonged clitoral stimulation bend your legs and drop your knees to the side.

This makes it easier for him to get better access to your external hot spots. Missionary offers full-body contact and is one of the few positions to increase your chances of a blended orgasm organically.

Women who love this position tend to be more open to an emotionally intimate relationship.

You are fully at one with your partner with your eyes, mouths and hearts close to one another.

And, because you can alter your levels of stimulation easily, you'll probably be someone who likes to be in control and who knows what they want and how to get it effectively.

You're a genuine, classic person. Some people might consider you dull, but that's just because they don't appreciate your well-meaning, kind nature. You're genuine, noble and loyal.

You aren't afraid of commitment or intimacy. In fact, that is the type of relationship you prefer.

You know your routine, and you stick to it. You don't feel the need to get too crazy or wild with anything in life. You prefer calm seas to rocky oceans. You're just a universally likable individual.

I love missionary myself because I'm incredibly lazy, and it's pretty hard for a man to be bad at it. People look down on missionary, but it really does the job: everything's sort of in the correct place, and it doesn't require too much effort from either party, but it stimulates you inside and outside. There's something incredibly comforting about feeling the full weight of another person on you, sort of like a weighted anxiety blanket—the perfect all-rounder.

Ladies who love missionaries are looking for intimacy, says Nikki Martinez, Ph.D., psychologist and life coach. "She wants to see and connect with her partner," she says. While that bond is nice and all, try to avoid just laying there (unless that's how you roll), says Martinez. "Move around to get the pleasure you want, and ask for what you need," she says.

If full-on, belly-to-belly contact while gazing into your partner's eyes during sex play is your thing, chances are you're a person who enjoys connecting. The ability to look into your partner's eyes and observe their reactions to the things you do to their body assists you in remaining connected. You enjoy communication and having control of your partner's stimulation since you have access to their nipples, lips, belly and pelvis. Missionary styles vary depending on the positioning of the legs, but any time the passive partner is laying on their back, it's a missionary.

Doggy Style 

If grabbing onto your partner's hips and entering them from behind is your go-to position, it's clear that you are a man that likes to take charge. This position is one where the passive partner is on all fours, face away from the person who is stroking. The lack of intimacy in this position means, if it's your primary go-to, you prefer to have no emotional attachment with your partner. If you're the passive party in this position, you also enjoy being dominated and get off on the loss of control.  Check out out our lube shop page which has everything adult shop related that you might need.

If the downward dog in bed is your jam, you might be all about feeding into those animalistic instincts. "This move is unabashed and puts your sexual needs over a personal connection," says Martinez. Grr, baby.

Snoop Dogg said it both first and best: "You don't love me/you just love my Doggystyle."

This is a sentiment all my ex-lovers can attest to. When asked his favourite position, my long-term fuck buddy (male, 26, straight) replied: "I like fucking you from behind because I can basically go for it, and it makes me feel like I can do anything. It's really wrong, but I just love the phrase 'smashing your back doors in', then actually doing it. Maybe I like it because I'm a man of my word?"

I think men love doggy because the butthole is exposed, which they like to look at and fantasise about as if it was the PornHub premium level. I love doggy because of the clitoral stimulation from the balls, the deep penetration, and because I know I look great with an arched back.

I'm not alone: my best friend (female, 23, bi) told me her favourite position is "anything from behind because it's the position I feel sexiest in, and have felt that way since I started twerking in bed. I just feel so powerful because I know that just a few strokes and it's too much for them. I just feel mad powerful doing it."

When it comes to heterosexual sexual relations, unsurprisingly, many relationships rely on traditional gender roles, and in doggy, your man feels like a man. My best friend continued: "I am generally submissive to men, which I like, but [doggy] is just always a sensory overload for them, even if we've had sex before."

Doggy is the perfect position for so many different situations: shagging someone you don't particularly like the look of or want to see; when you're bored of shagging and need them to cum; if it's extremely hot and excess skin-to-skin contact is unbearable. The only real downsides are carpet burns if you're at it on the floor.

You enjoy the thrill of allowing your partner to think he or she has control over you. When really, you're running the show.

In the bedroom -- as in life -- you enjoy the idea of being dominated even as you secretly have the upper hand. You like having others serve your needs while you get secretly closer to grabbing them by the balls.

You want everyone to have a good time as long as you finish first.

No, not the snoop dog song but the sexual position where you get on all fours and let him penetrate you from behind.

This position is great if you like all-encompassing penetration or if your man is a little on the smaller side and you want to make the most of every thrust.

To make this position even better arch your back and stick your bum out, this will give him an incredible view of your body, and you'll feel every sensation so much better.

If you're a lady that loves Doggy Style, then you'll likely be someone who's a bit of an exhibitionist at heart as Doggy taps into your most animalistic of instincts.

Anyone who prefers this position is likely to be a thrill-seeker - and very in touch with their wild side.

Women who like this move tend to have submissive personalities, while the men who get behind doggy style often aren't all that keen on intimacy.

A wild position for a wild person, the doggy style allows both partners to tap into their primitive side. Doggy style is often favoured by dominant men and submissive women, though the pose can also be done with the woman setting the rhythm, so this pose is perfect for those interested in a little BDSM. This is also a great position if intimacy isn't your thing, as there's no eye contact and minimal skin-to-skin contact, allowing you both to focus on your own pleasure.

Girl on top

This pose is a favourite of confident women who aren't shy about ensuring they get the pleasure they need. This pose is also great for those who are uninhibited and sure of themselves, as the rider sets the pace and has her front half visible to all the world. Partners in this situation are confident in their submission and keen to make sure their partners are pleased.

With a woman on top, psychologists suggest that cowgirl is the position of choice for dominant ladies who like to run the show.

As well as suggesting confidence among women, this position points to submissiveness among men who like to please their partner.

Men who like this position may also be more caring since they're so devoted to fulfilling their woman's desires.

Imagine riding a horse, but replace the horse with your partner.

This position is where you saddle up and ride your partner, with him lying on his back and you on top with one leg either side of him.

This position is great for showing off your body, pretty much everyone looks absolutely fantastic from in this position, and it means your clitoris, nipples and other erogenous zones are available for a bit of extra attention.

To truly get the most from this position, I'd recommend adding a sex toy to the mix.

Something petite and discrete will work wonders during cowgirl, a bullet vibrator slips easily between partners and makes for a very welcome addition, especially if you want a bit of extra bang for your buck.

Something like the So Devine bullet vibrator would work wonderfully, as it's tapered tip means pinpoint clitoral pleasure is all yours!

Women who prefer this position are body confident and usually quite dominant in their relationships.

You'll likely be a no-nonsense type of woman who knows exactly what she wants.

If you're a man and this is your favourite position, you're probably fat, lazy or hyper-visual. Every guy I spoke to confirmed this. "I really like it when a girl gets on top," said one straight 26-year-old man. "Maybe because I'm lazy or maybe because I like being dominated? Kinda like it when the wetness goes on my stomach, and I'm like 'skrrrrt'."

Cowgirl, also, is the ultimate cocaine position: all inhibitions lost, you become a total exhibitionist, jiggling and teasing. Another friend, 26 and female, said: "I like being on top, controlling the flow. But I'm also partial to a bit of spanking and choking – which isn't so dominating. It's easy to say my sex life is just as confused as my actual life. Very reflective of me."

As you might have guessed, the cowgirl (or girl on top) position is a go-to for women who like to take the reigns. "You're not afraid to ask for what you want," says Martinez.

This indicates that you enjoy having your partner take the lead and putting their pleasure first. You also like being dominated and relinquishing your power during sex to allow your partner to have the control. You may be into smothering and feeling smaller than your partner if having them on top is how you like it.


This cradling position indicates that you enjoy being intimate and close to your partner during sex. You like feeling their body heat and want them to feel safe and protected during sex. This position is typically a favourite of someone who is compassionate and conscious of his/her partner's comfort and pleasure during sex.  As with missionary, if you love you some spooning action, chances are you're very affectionate. "This position enables you to feel your partner with every move you make literally," says Martinez.

Spooning sex is, more often than not, the ending to a story that starts with you waking up to a mistake pressed against your back. It is the optimum morning sex position: it gets the job done, doesn't require too much movement and means you can both avoid breathing foul morning breath at each other. It's intimacy for those who don't really know how to do intimacy.

You're super into your comfort zone. You enjoy the familiar and aren't ashamed to say it. You like things to be close, intimate and easy. You're not trying to rock the boat.

When it comes to your personality, you're easygoing and relaxed. The excitement just isn't that appealing to you. You know there's nothing wrong with that. You like what you like, and it happens to be keeping things chill and lazy—no shame in your game.

This position is a little like a relaxed doggy style; you both lie on your sides, facing the same direction.

You press your buttocks into his pelvic area, and he enters you from behind. This has all the penetrative benefits of Doggy style with a bit more intimacy.

Positions like this one are great for lazy lovemaking and because the entirety of your weight is supported by whatever your laying on your hands are totally free to provide a bit of extra stimulation.

Have him reach around you and gently squeeze and play with your nipples, nipple stimulation releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is essential for arousal.

Your nipples are quite literally a love button!

Spooning says a lot about you, and if it's your favourite position, then it's more than likely that you're an affectionate person who thrives on intimacy.

You'll likely be caring both in and out of the bedroom.If there's a position for true romantics, this is it.

The closeness and intimacy of this position point to lovers who enjoy the closeness of sex, with men who favour spooning more likely to enjoy pleasing their woman.

And ladies who can't get enough of this position are likely to be slow and sensual in bed, as well as being more relaxed in everyday life.

Spooning is for the cuddlers of the world, the people who love feeling their partners skin pressed against theirs. Spooning sex allows both partners to feel literally every move the other makes, resulting in a deep sexual connection favored by those who love intimacy and the sweeter side of sex. This position also allows you to have sex in a comfortable, relaxed position, making the experience pleasurable for those keen to get their kicks without making too much effort.


69 is the perfect position for those who care more about their partner's pleasure than their own but aren't so generous that they ignore their own needs. This is also a great pose for those who don't care about boundaries and rules; who says you can't give some and get some all at once? Those who prefer this pose accept their bodies and are confident in themselves.

You're a little bit retro and a little bit "out there." You're authentic and unapologetically your wild and unique self. You're about bringing joy to others, and others are about bringing joy to you.

You're a revolutionary with an eye for the inspired. You're outgoing, bubbly and up for anything. You like to think outside of the box and ignore boundaries. Life is too short for boundaries.

Men: please try to be truly unselfish for once and just eat your girl out without putting your dick in her mouth. Oral is so much better if you do the act purely about delivering ecstatic pleasure for your partner. True pleasure is giving pleasure.

Unless you're a teenager, 69ing should be as redundant in your life as adults who still find the number 69 funny.

Standing Positions 

These positions are often performed using the edge of a piece of furniture for support or against a wall. Going straight for standing positions can allude to an adventurous spirit that has a preference for challenges during sex. The man that enjoys having sex standing requires trust and openness from their partner to experiment with how to make this position work for both during sex play.

You like to feel powerful and strong. It makes you happy to you get the opportunity to assert your superiority. It's not that you're a jerk or unlikable; you're just charismatic and nearly always the centre of attention.

You are a great lover because you always go the extra mile. "Lazy" is not a word that resonates with you. You are a winner, and you love to win.

These are any position where at least one of you has to be on your feet.

They're usually done with the support of a piece of furniture and require a little more balance, strength and are great for scratching that itch straight away as you don't even need to take all your clothes off.

Standing positions can be adapted to any room inside, or outside of the house and as a result, mean that they're great for passionate and spontaneous sex.

If you love to do it upright, then you're more than likely going to be an impulsive sort of person.

You'll look after yourself and value the stimulatory benefits as well as the emotional ones.

One for the adventurous souls out there, lovers who enjoy standing up are likely to be more experimental than most.

Men who enjoy vertical-love making are likely to be more charismatic and outgoing, with a big and bold personality.

Meanwhile, women who prefer this position are likely to be energetic and always in search of new thrills.

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