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Fifty Shades Suede Flogger


The right flogger will unlock your innermost fantasies. Be creative and wild with our best collection of floggers. This collection provides a stinging impact on your plays in bed. Fulfill your hidden desires with the best set of floggers from suede to leather materials.  

About the toy Floggers are made of strands of different materials but the common one is leather. These strands are called “falls” and attached to a handle for a grip. Some floggers have pommels - a loop or ring for hanging purposes. Floggers are essentials to bed because they provide sting or thud sensations. Intensities of flogging depend on your force when swinging but the toy’s balance and material also helps.

Are you a beginner?  For beginners, it is crucial to find the right flogger that will make your swing a lot easier. Opt for better grip handles that are usually made from leather materials. Silicone or suede falls are perfect for you. Tease your partner first by caressing the falls to her skin to set the mood. Try small swings first until your partner gets comfortable with a bigger swing. Does she like a sting or she prefers a deeper, duller sensation?

Are you an intermediate level? Intermediate level flogger users may choose materials that would give them better sensation more than knowing if the grip is better or not. It is recommended still to get a balanced flogger where the handle offsets the weight of the falls, especially during swinging.

Are you a pro-level? While others quiver with a look of a flogger, you, on the other hand, are turned on especially for quality-made floggers that will keep up with you and your partner. You may not care about the price because you know balanced floggers are more important for long, steamy sessions with your loved one.

The right flogger will give you outstanding pleasure in bed impact after impact. Over time, you will love the different intensities they create. Are you after the stinging impact or a deeper, forceful pain that gets your heart racing? Could be both, and we won’t judge!

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