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Fifty Shades Riding Crop


Find out why crops are so damn erotic Take your impact play to the next level with our best sellers crop collection. These well-designed crops are perfect for light to heavy spanking for pain lovers out there. Be prepared to be spanked or slapped in bed with these kinky gears.

About the toy Riding crops are common accessory during impact play. They vary in thickness and texture because of the different unique materials they are made from. Thanks to its flexibility, it offers different sensations when caressed to the skin. Most crops are made from leather or suede material. The handle of a BDSM crop is long and sturdy for easier control when whipping. Its tip, on the other hand, looks like a “tag”. Some creative crops maximize play on texture by designing feather handles or tips for a more sensual play.

Are you a beginner? 
Before you completely start your role-playing and start all the whipping, and spanking, test the crop first with your partner. It is important to target fleshy areas like the butt and thighs and move away from bony areas to avoid causing too much pain. Tap on your partner’s butts with a crop and start with a very light force. Choose crops with handles for more control over the swinging motions.

Are you an intermediate level?
By intermediate means aside from curiosity, you already like the swooshing sound of the crop, and enough pain it gives to your body. Go for thinner crops which provides the louder sound as it cuts through the air when your dominant partner swings it. You may also find a different texture appealing if you try a crop with feathers that balance the pain and ticklish sensations.

Are you a pro-level?
If you got an advanced experience using crops, rigid and heavier versions may appeal to you and your partner. Go for shafts that bend easily and be turned on by the sound it creates. Leather crops still work best for control especially if you’re into your dominant character.

Discover how erotic crop can be when you hear its smashing sound and the satisfying smack across your skin. This best collection of crops is perfect to get your partner begging on their knees either for punishment or that awesome sex.

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