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Revolutionary clit clamps for stronger orgasms Feel the gush of pleasure during foreplay or sex with our best collection of clitoral clamps. These charming clamps will make you feel a million times better with your sensitive clit. Scream in ecstasy and pleasure.

About the toy A clit clamp is an erotic accessory. It is usually made from either steel or stainless material. As the name implies, it is clamped on the clitoris. Before attaching the clamp, make sure the clit is erected. Foreplay and stimulation of the clit help. Contrary to normal misconceptions, the clip should not be painful, only constricting. Wonder why women loved it so much? The clip exerts pressure on the clit making it more stimulated and sensitive.

Are you a beginner? Before using this clamp on your clit, try clamping it on your earlobe, fingertips, or any sensitive but safe parts of your body just so you can have a hang of it. Use a lube while stimulating your clit until it becomes erect. Start using it on your foreplay until you get comfortable.

Are you an intermediate level? You may or may not use lube but make sure that your clit is erected before using the clamp clit. Intermediate users best love the aluminium and steel material for a little bit of sensual play it brings.

Are you a pro-level? If you’re an advanced user of clit clamps, you may try on those with weights for added pressure and experience. Extra weight and swing adds a challenge to the play and makes it more exciting. You can also opt for an adjustable clamp if you want more pressure down below.

Restricting the blood flow makes it more pleasurable and you will feel the rush when the clamp is released before orgasm. The clit clamp is a staple for BDSM fans for the sexual pleasure it brings. Get it from our best collection of clit clamps, perfect for your every need.

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