Top Wand Vibrators in 2019 and Why You Should Have Them

What would you do if you chance upon a magic wand? A wand that is so powerful that with just a few waves it will leave you breathless and amazed? This wand will help you explore places in your body waiting for you to discover. Intrigued yet? I’m talking about the famous wand vibrators that made it to our top list as voted by ladies around the world. Let’s see why you should have them.

Magic wand plus

If human power doesn’t turn you on, this definitely will. Its flexibility and durability stand out from the crowd. Its head is made from silicone-grade material, and its neck is flexible to every place you want to explore. This wand has four intensity levels and vibrations, it will give you strong, pleasurable orgasms you’ve never experienced before. 

Magic wand plus


Bodywand luxe mini hand

This Bodywand luxe mini hand vibrator comes in chic colours - purple, pink and black. It is made from velvety material that is turn on for fashionista and women in style. This body wand is the top choice for beginners due to its comfort and ease of use. However, do not be fooled by its size. It is a small wand but creates enormous power for your every need. Its compact size is perfect for travellers and women who want their toy small yet powerful. It has seven modes of vibration that will make you reach your threshold in no time.


Satisfyer wand-er woman

Who says beauty and power cannot be combined? This Satisfyer wand-er woman knows how to please the woman in you! It made it to our top list because it has adjusted head flexible enough to twist and turn depending on your desired position. Did I mention its waterproof? Yes, it is! This wand is water-action ready! As if that’s not enough, this wand comes in 10 different vibration styles with 5 powerful forces for various intensities you and your partner can explore on. 



Hitachi magic wand rechargeable
The mother of all wand vibrators. Originally designed as body massager, this wand comes a long way pleasing every lady of the house in every part of the world. It became well-loved because of its strong, powerful steady vibrations. The latest model is rechargeable and with four vibration settings and patterns. Whichever muscle is aching, this wand knows its way to ease the pain and discomfort you have. 


These top wand vibrators were voted as their favourite toy by thousands of women. Each has its own features that will satisfy every woman in need of company. These toys are powerful and won’t stop until you squirm uncontrollably. Get ready to have your sensations build, and build until you reach your peak. What are you waiting for? Get your wand, cast your spell and be surprised for the magic that awaits you!