How To Make Sensual and Passionate Video Sex During Quarantine

One creative way to keep your intimacy with your partner during quarantine is through video sex. For most couples (or not!) who wanted to get some action amidst this pandemic, this method is very effective. There’s no shame in doing it as long as partners are consensual about the action and making sure revenge porn is avoided. Just like in real life, you wanted this experience to be as smooth as possible, less awkward, and more fun. So how do you make video sex that conveys a feeling of longingness for your partner? Here are fool-proofed ways on how you can make sensual and passionate video sex this quarantine period.

1. Do it with someone you really trust

Video sex can go from a fun intimate time to the most horrible time of your life. Avoiding the latter is easy if you really trust the person already. Make sure you really, and we mean, really trust the person before you record your sexcapades online. Do it with someone you feel safe with, and who is a man of his words. 


2. Talk about out your kinks

Open communication in partners should not only be limited to when you are together. Beyond distance, you should be able to talk about everything - including your needs and desires. If you will plan this digital make out session, it is best to let your partner know about your fantasies, and your limitations as well. Don’t be shy to tell your lover if you like to try dirty talk, sex toys, bondage, etc. Speak up and let your partner know what turns you on. Who knows, you might want the same thing after all.


3. Be on character

To make sensual and passionate video sex, both should feel good and comfortable on the other side of the screen. Wear something that you feel sexy in. For gentlemen, put on some effort in your grooming and hygiene. For ladies, put on some make-up if that will make you more confident. Be your own character when you start undressing and teasing each other. If role-playing works for you, play the part head to toe as if the movie is rolling. Have your version of Fifty Shades-of-Grey, and put efforts in props and accessories. Your partner will be encouraged to level up his/her game if he/she sees your effort in it.

Be on character


4.Set the mood 

Clean the room, and keep everything organized. Set-up some lighting if possible and put on some good music as background. If scented essentials also turn you on, don’t forget to apply it on your body. Passionate lovemaking is the one that can heighten your senses. And if everything is good with your eyes, you have great music to listen to, and your place smells good, you will definitely have the best time of your life. 

If you want a different environment, and wants to try some water activities, you can always have your set-up in the bathroom or in a private pool. Prepare a candle-lit bath, or add a waterproof sex toy and get ready for some steamy action.


5. Have fun and reach orgasm

Video sex takes on the creativity of people to the next level. It is challenging enough to stimulate your partner on-screen and make sure they are having the time of their lives. So, adding fun methods to video sex such as having lube, or sex toys make it more thrilling and build up emotions. Pro tip: Go to town as you explore your vibrator and tell your partner what you’re doing. Show him your genuine expression while you let the toy bring you to climax. Let him imagine what it feels like until you both reach the orgasm despite being miles away. 

Sex is supposed to be celebrated passionately by partners despite the distance. Quarantine may be limiting you right now, but when an effort is made, you can both fire up your feelings and needs. May this fool-proofed guide help you in your journey to intimacy and exploration amidst the quarantine. Be back, we have a session to plan out.