Why Women Love Wand Vibrators?

Wand vibrator is well-loved by women across the world. It has received different good feedback and has been the favourite masturbation partner of ladies from all walks of life. Is it really worth the hype? Let’s find out!

What is a wand vibrator?

The wand is originally created as a massage tool, over time, women discovered this device works best as a vibrator. A wand vibrator has a rounded vibrating ball that is attached to a usually long handle. Yes, it certainly looks like a microphone! The big difference is, you don’t have to sing out loud to your emotions. This wand will take your orgasm right in tune ala Mariah Carey.

Why women love wand vibrator?

  • It creates insane orgasms

Wand vibrators work by stimulating the clit for an orgasm. The vibrations are focused on the head to give you intense pleasure. The head of the wand flexes making it to the contours of the body.

  • It delivers a powerful sensation

Wand vibrators that are corded and plugged into an electrical outlet usually give an incredibly strong source of power.

  • It is easy to hold

The long handle is ergonomically designed to help you support the toy when using it. The good thing about wand vibrator is you get to have strong vibration without your hand vibrating also. No more sore, numb, hand muscles, dear. How cool is that?

  • It is discreet as it can be

Since they are originally designed to be a massage tool, it has discreet looks and sound. The same vibrating pulses that you feel when being caressed during a massage, will also give you the same pleasure when used as a vibrator. It is indeed a silent pleasure-giver.

Wand vibrators come in variations nowadays. Aside from the sleek design, and features added to them, there are some major things that were kept constant. It made women feel a roller-coaster of emotions pouring over them. For moms, this is their go-to toy for a quickie, immediate but intense pleasure for little breaks they have in between the day. It is perfect for working women who want rocking to be at their control. Settings can be adjusted to as mild or intense as you want it to be at the touch of your fingers. This means you can orgasm as long as you can handle. How’s that for power, ladies? Powerful, durable, and effective, are three major qualities women loved about wand vibrators. Just like you, any woman would want a dependable companion who will do wonders for their bodies any time of the day. Whether you want to soothe your aching muscles in your back or you want an extreme pleasure beyond massaging, let this wand do its magic, and conjure the most intense pleasure you always deserved!