Three Trending Glass Dildos in the Market

Glass dildos may be expensive, but you can’t resist their beauty when it comes to design. It is best to get a Glass dildo for a beginner due to their elegant appeal, creative style and sturdiness. The latter quality made it trending in the market.  And since it is made of glass, you can use them in the shower with excellent quality of lube or with your partner between the sheets. It is an ideal choice for those who believe in experimentation as it allows you to heat or cool them to feel the same temperature inside you. In this post, we will discuss the popular and different glass dildos trending in the market.

  1. Fifty Shades Glass Beaded Dildo Black

It is a hypoallergenic glass dildo which can be paired with any lube without any worry of having any skin allergy. Crafted in hand-blown, durable borosilicate glass, the dildo is ideal for the additional thrills of temperature play. Simply warm or cool the toy in water to take your pleasure session to the next level. People love this product for role-playing and of course, the elegance vibe it gives. The form produces a rippling effect for a heavenly sensation.


  1. Adam & Eve’s Twisted Crystal Dildo

If you are a beginner in temperature-play, this one is perfect. The tempered borosilicate glass is smooth & nonporous, making it one of the most hygienic, waterproof, durable material available for erotic toys. It looks complicated but very easy to clean. The shaft and twisted crystals make the experience tantalizing to couples or women alone.


  1. Fifty Shades Glass Massage Wand

This dildo is the perfect choice for beginners who are seeking a little adventure. It is designed in a way that it's one end that makes your partner beg, and the other one teases her to ensure maximum stimulation. It is equipped with smooth curves that can be used for internal and external massage. The double-ended glass makes a thrilling sensation.


Glass dildos trend in the market because they come in a sturdy package for when you want more power and thrust. They continue to become a huge hit because of their sleek designs that turn your G-spot on so perfectly! Whether you are more of a beaded or twisted type of girl, you can focus on how you stimulate yourself whenever, wherever.