Ways to Enjoy Quarantine With Your Partner

Just because you are going through quarantine,  doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have some fun. Yes, staying inside the home is indeed tiresome, but this is the time when you have to spend most of your time with your partner so that you can make the best out of it. Netflix and chill sound cool, but we have arranged some indoor date ideas that can help you fix things up, to rev that intimacy more than ever!

Give massages to each other.

Create a peaceful and calm vibe by adding flower petals, tunes, colourful candles, and your favourite wine to share. Always remember that a massage is all about what your partner’s needs, so ask their special needs and comply. Always remind your partner to let go, relax, and absorb all the good energy, which you have to offer. 

Have a living room campout.

You can make tin foil dinners in your microwave, and can also have oven s’ mores for dessert. Bring out the pillows and sheets, set up a tent, build a fort, then add your blow-up mattress or sleeping bags. Also, you can create your custom trail mixture for the late-night snack. You can play board games, or truth or dare.

Make your own fondue.

You can satisfy your savoury and sweet tooth by making cheese and chocolate fondue at home. Add some things to dip in like pretzels, berries, cake, veggies, and bread. All these things don’t have to be expensive. Turn down the lights and pull out some wine glasses to set the mood. Finally, you must get rid of any possible distractions (like mobile phones) and enjoy the quarantine with your partner. 

Schedule a paint night

Always use this time to make your creative juices flowing. You can have a painting session to express your affection and love for your partner. Also, line up a table with magazines, newspapers, or paper bags, and get your canvases ready. Set up all the colours and water cups that you can find. If you can’t decide what to paint, then for a laugh, you can try painting some portraits of each other. Don’t worry about being messy. For a better experience, try pleasure gels so you won’t feel itchy when paint runs down your body. Use your bodies as a canvas for a steamy night to remember. 

Get to know your partner better.

Take your game up a notch with by surprising your partner with a play box. Get naughty, and role-play into your favourite characters, Fifty Shades-style. Discover your partner’s sweet places with this treasure box full of surprises and pleasure. Make this quarantine a season to remember.