How to be Confident with New Partner in Bed

It can be super awkward for you when you slide the first time between the sheets with your partner. If you are not well prepared for the first experience, we are here to guide you to enjoy the play confidently. Read till the end to cover all essentials to make your first play unforgettable.

Bring a condom

Safe sex is always important. Whether your partner has taken a pill or not, don’t take any risk. You should have a condom and don’t try to force her to put it on your penis if she doesn’t want to. For the love of God, put it on! Don’t make the mood uncomfortable, leading to ruining your first play.

Keep your sheets clean

If you have invited her over to your place, take a look around and clean all the mess. A girl will never want to have some fun where you can find sheets full of dirt and smell of rotten cheese. You can hire a perfect room in a hotel to make pleasant memories in which light some candles and dim the light before she knocks the door.

Buy some excellent lube 

Lack of lubrication can kill the mood in a second. Lubes are considered bedside essential. If it is your first time for you and your partner, don’t forget to apply some lube on your penis and her sensual zones. These things bring a sense of responsibility, so try not to impose such things on your partner.

Clean it up down there

Manicured pubic areas play a significant role to appeal all the senses to your partner. You should clean it up down when you are going for your first make out. You can do it through a razor, trimmer, or can hire a professional for a fuss-free experience.

Wear something sexy but comfortable

When the moments and things start to catch the heat in the bed, you always prefer to get rid out of the outfit without wasting any moment. Always go for a dress, which is super easy to get in and out of. A set of lingerie is the most recommended outfit but you can always wear something you feel confident and sexy. Don’t forget to apply some fragrance on your body, but make it really subtle.

Wear something sexy but comfortable


Prepare pleasure toys

Adult toys are one of the best ways to spice up your romantic evening. You always want to make a good impression in bed and your partner will appreciate the effort you put in. Prepare pleasure toys kit that will give you and your partner options for a night to remember. Adult toys kit are well-packaged for people like you who do not know what your partner likes in the bed yet. So, bring the must-haves and let your partner choose or experiment to your heart's content.

Feeling sexy and confident takes from within. Do things that will make you feel desirable to your partner before you step on your game. Maybe a long shower, wearing that newly-bought underwear or playing a sexy song can put you in your sexual zone, then do that! And when you’re on the game, don’t rush it and keep things slow. Working on your partner’s pace will also make you look like you know what you’re doing. And lastly, enjoy the main event while making a good impression.