Sex Essentials: Must-Have Items in Bed For Couples

If you’re living with your partner, married or not, you know how important bedside drawer stash is. You don’t want your steamy action to be interrupted halfway knowing you don’t have a condom, or lube in stock. So before it happens, you must prepare and place important items at your nightstand before lack of it can ruin the moment. And while you’re at it, here’s a list of sexy must-have items you should have as a couple (legit or not!).

  • Condom

Of course. This popular bedside staple may not need a good reminding, but just in case, feel free to keep it on hand, always. Quantity should not precede quality though. It is recommended to stash on different kinds of condoms so you and your partner can decide on what’s best. Some women prefer regular, latex, but some are allergic to the latter. If you and your woman have a comfortable brand already, then, it would be perfect to just go for it.

  • Scented candles

Candles are a great bedside table for when you want to set the mood. Its soft, warm light creates good lighting that enhances everyone’s physical attributes. You can also be creative with it by putting them inside a lantern for a shadow effect. Watch your shadows as you rock each other’s bodies for a more intimate experience. Go for scented candles to stimulate your senses for a perfect candlelight romance.

  • Flavoured and edible lube

Impress your partner when you have this staple in your drawer. Nothing is sexier than showing him/her how prepared you are to satisfy both your pleasures. Buy a big bottle of high-quality, water-based lube that is perfect for any use - be it for anal and vaginal sex. Flavoured ones add a delicious dimension to your evening for when you want an “eating” session. Choose an edible lube that is perfect for playtime and even massages.

Flavoured and edible lube


  • Sex kit

Variety adds spice to your life. Same goes with sex - adding different toys for when you both want to try something different is perfect if you also have a sex kit to help you and your partner choose. Get a sex kit for everything you need from anal to bondage, among others. A carefully curated kit is an investment worth having. Try one or two sex toys every session so you will still have a lot to look forward to. But if you’re having a bang and a whole night for a marathon, then this got you covered!

  • Toy cleaner

Sex kit and sex toys need a thorough cleaning every time. Clean and disinfect them properly without damaging the items. Bacteria and whatnot are not sexy, so as STDs. Opt for a non-greasy, alcohol-free, and latex-friendly cleaner that does its job. Buy a top-notch toy cleaner that will help clean and disinfect a variety of your sex toys.

Couples often invest in things that are important to them. This should not be any different for essentials in bed that give couples pleasure and improve intimacy. These items are must-haves in bed for couples who want a perfect, uninterrupted make-out session.