5 Essentials A Woman Should Have On Her Nightstand

They say a woman knows what she needs. Do you? For most women, it sparks joy knowing their nightstand is well-stocked with much-needed things. If you manage to have an arsenal with your necessities, and you’re ready for some actions at any time of the day, well, good for you! But just in case you think you’re missing some stuff on your nightstand, here is a list of essentials for emergencies or when you need a quick fix (*wink!).

1. Sleeping eye mask

Some women may have difficulty sleeping with even a tiny light sneaking into their bedroom. Thanks to sleeping eye mask, you can always keep your surroundings sufficiently dark. Slip-on a comfy eye mask made from satin fabric that does its magic for a sound and restful sleep.

Sleeping eye mask

2. Lube

Whether you’re spending quality hands-on time for yourself or with a toy, you need the right lube to take things easy, and friction-free. A water-based lube that has light scent can be used for anything in general, but for special occasions, you might want to switch to having a non-sticky, flavoured lube to ramp up the evening. Feel free to get both so you have options whichever mood or action you’re into.



3. Magic wand

This is the most-trusted companion of every woman for a mind-blowing orgasm every night. This magic wand does wonders focusing on the contours of your body because of its curved design. You have different vibration and intensity options for when you are starting or wanting to get more power. If you don’t have one of this yet, you are missing a lot of O’s, and we mean a lot in your life.

Magic wand

4. Vibrator

No matter how great your sex life is, a vibrator is a must-have in every woman’s nightstand. Created for intense orgasms, it will never get tired giving you fun and adventure whether you’re single or partnered. Keep it always charged and adventure-ready, for quickie nights or for when you feel just doing so.



5. Props

Surprise your partner with props and accessories that are within your reach for a wild night. Prepare these essentials like a girl scout ready for a battle. Popular options include a blindfold, twin masks, handcuffs, feather tickler, and more. Fantasies and role-playing in bed are worth exploring when you have enough material for your sexcapades.



Your nightstand can be your weapon for every experience you want to try and the gateway to your beauty sleep. These five essential things for your bedside drawer will make your everyday convenient and worry-free. Fill it with powerful essentials so you’re ready for every action-packed night there is.