Naughty Items to Give To Your Significant Other

Receiving gifts is a form of love language. With a meaningful and thoughtful gift, your significant other will feel loved and appreciated. More than the physical item its the thought that he/she reminded you of something and you act on it. If your partner loves receiving gifts or surprises, we’ve come up with a naughty list that will surely make her swoon with laughter. Who knows? You may be rewarded for it later.

  • Restraint kit
    This kit lets go of your control in the bedroom, and this might be one of your man’s fantasies. When you want to try bondage into your sex, this beginner-friendly restraint kit will give you an experience out of the ordinary without rope burns.
  • Sexy blindfold
    Other sensory sensations are heightened when one is taken away (temporarily!). Unleash your inner Anastasia Steele with a soft, leather blindfold. Be prepared how your imagination will run wild when you are submerged into total darkness while being caressed by your partner.
  • Sexy leather riding crop
    Another naughty gift idea is a sexy leather riding crop. The leather material and its dual tips allow varied sensations that tickles erogenous zones. This is perfect for beginners in bondage play because the pain has less impact than a whip.

Bondage - Naughty Items to Give For Your Significant Other

  • Nipple clamp
    Nipple clamps are perfect as a naughty gift for bondage enthusiasts. As the chain is pulled, pressure on the nipples will be heightened for a more pleasurable experience. Take turns with your partner fondling each other for a rewarding encounter.
  • Glass Dildo
    If your partner is temperature-sensitive, this is the best gift to give! Let your significant other have a thrilling internal stimulation either with hot or cold sensations. This glass dildo can be cooled or warm for sensory play at its best.
  • Flogger
    Experienced or beginner in different sex kinks will love this flogger. Its nylon material is meant to provide intense stinging sensations to your lover. Tease your partner with a delicate pain this flogger brings until it’s soothing and calming.

Giving naughty items is an art not everyone masters. Ever wonder why women received so much lingerie in different colours and style as gifts? It is the most common, popular naughty item but we bet, most women have her favourite one already. This list is a different play to naughty items as the best gift to your significant other whatever celebration there may be. I know you’ll be excited when he/she brings it your bedroom for practice. And what do you got? Pleasure and award for the best partner in the world - you hit two birds with a stone!