Five Best Places to Give Your Girl an Intense Sensation

Rocking a girl’s body is a skill that not all men possess. For some men, it takes time, practice, and a little reading in between to make sure you get to the right places, at the right time. Knowing erogenous zones of a female’s body will up your game tonight, or every night if you may. Surprise your girl with you’re A-game by knowing all about the hidden places where you can explore and make her ask for more.

The G-Spot

It is one of the most sensual organs inside the body of a female. You can locate it on the opposite side of clit up in the vagina at a distance of two inches. When you rock your partner’s G-Spot, she can be turned on and ejaculate immediately.

The U-Spot

Most of the couple fails to enjoy this sensual zone, which encompasses the opening of the urethra. Yes,  it is indeed the pee hole of a woman. When you stimulate it gently and carefully, it sends your partner into a beautiful orgasm. Stimulation on this point can also lead to female ejaculation that is commonly known as squirting.

The A-Spot

It is located on a higher level from G-Spot and top of the vaginal canal. If you are looking to make your partner ejaculate and multiple orgasms, look no further than tickling the A-Spot. It is known to provide a more intense satisfaction compared with the G-Spot stimulation.

The C-Spot

This spot is also known as a pea in the pod, which is a hidden ruby on the female body. By sending some sensations to the C-Spot, your partner will surely give you a standing “oooh-vation”. The clit has more than 800 sensitive nerves, which helps in the foreplay and reach an intense peak of pleasure. For the best experience, most men use a clit stimulator with perfect rhythm and triggers.

The PS-Spot

Once you find out the location of G-Spot inside a vagina, finding a PS-Spot can be more comfortable. It is a spot that can be stimulated internally as well as externally. It is situated on the way back of the vagina and opposite to the G-Spot. So, prepare your fingers to enter into the area between her vagina and anus, and once you are inside, flip her to explore the other sides of her sensual organ.

Five Best Places to Give Your Girl an Intense Sensation

Be the master of your game

Arousing a woman is an art. You start with the basic external erogenous zones like the nipples, and vagina. Caress her slowly until you reach the spots one by one with rocking rhythm. Knowing where to go is one thing, knowing what to do with each zone is a masterpiece. Giving your girl an intense sensation is an award on itself. And you don’t go to battles unprepared. Arm yourself with knowledge, adult toys as weapons, and a burning desire to help you with this adventure. Be the master of your game.