How to Keep a Healthy Sex Life During Quarantine

Is it safe to have a sex life during quarantine? This question might have crossed once or a couple of times in your mind ever since the pandemic. The world is experiencing a challenging time but it does not mean we should also be putting our pleasure and happiness on hold. A healthy sex life plays an essential role in your life as it boosts your mood and maintains intimacy level among partners. So, how do you keep a healthy sex life during this crisis?

Maximize Social Media

Make use of the power of different social media and video platforms. If you are spending your quarantine in a long-distance relationship with your partner, chances are, you are spending a lot of time with your phone talking or doing video calls. Go out of the comfort zone and spice up your talks. Sexting, cam sex, or dirty talk over the phone lays all the groundwork for now. It could be challenging but you can work your way up from sweet nothings to a more expressive tone. Just make sure to practice private conversations. You don’t want your little brother interrupting your steamy act, right?

Put on Some Efforts

For couples who luckily are with one another during this pandemic, you get a chance to put on some efforts in your intimate playtime. This lockdown brings creativity to most people. So, put on your creative hat, and create unforgettable moments in various ways. You can perform multiple activities which can excite your partner like setting up camps on your backyard, body painting, character-playing, among others. You can also extend your love to your woman by giving her a different “relaxation”. A massaging and relaxation tool that does wonders? Why not?

How to Keep a Healthy Sex Life during Quarantine

Explore and Accessorize

Adult toys are becoming a trend because it satisfies both men and women’s needs. You can use it with or without a partner. Non-intimidating vibrators are available now and won’t let you down for several hours of your playtime. You can even dress up, and set the mood with lights or scented candles, and play your own take of Fifty Shades any time of the day. Just like in the movies, get ready to explore using different adult pleasures. Rev up your woman's body with a clitoral stimulator for a satisfying result. If your girl wants a more comfortable feeling, try an ergonomic design vibrator. But if your woman loved a more natural, real-feeling, a replica of yours with buzzing vibration will give an additional surprise.

Chill and Play

This quarantine is a challenge not only to yourself but with your partner. But just like the saying goes, when life throws you a lemon, make a lemonade! Make the most of this time to create intimate moments whether you’re apart or together. It’s not the distance or the crisis that should be stopping you from getting your pleasure. It’s the right mindset, techniques, and maybe a “rabbit” or two!