How Sex Toys Can Improve Your Sex Life

Solving a thousand-year-old problem
Stimulating your mind and body at the same time is not an easy task. There are different factors that contribute to difficulty or inability to orgasm for men and women. For women, there’s a right balance of clitoral and mental stimulation to achieve a good orgasm.  For men, sexual function and consistent stimulation play a crucial role. Sex toys are designed to solve sex life and orgasm problems that have been present since 28,000 years ago.

Is it normal to use sex toys?
Based on a survey conducted in the US, a whopping 86.2 per cent said that they use a vibrator - a commonly purchased sex toy. About 15.9 per cent of the users said that they have a better orgasm session using a vibrator than from having sex. Whereas, 8.37 per cent of users said that they use a vibrator because they don’t have a partner. 

If the majority of the people use sex toys, how frequently do they use it? About 17.4 per cent uses vibrator every time they have sex, while 72.5 per cent use it sometimes. In terms of variety, many people use different kinds and sizes. Around 54.3 per cent of people said they like to use a clitoral stimulator - a type of vibrator that stimulates the clitoris. It can be like a suction/sonic wave vibrator, finger vibrator, a bullet, or a wand that stimulates the clitoris without touching it.  Also, 5.1 per cent said they use a dildo, 5.8 per cent said finger/bullet, 6.5 per cent said wand, 13 per cent said rabbit/traditional and 14.5 per cent said they used other types. 

So, yes, it is normal to use adult toys and you might be surprised to know that your friends are using them, too!

How it improves sex life?
Numbers don’t lie. If the statistics have not convinced you yet to be experimental, here are ways on how sex toys can improve your sex life.

  • Orgasms are amazingly pleasurable and incredibly intense with the use of pleasurable toys.
  • It provides a different experience. It breaks the monotonous habit in bed, in fact, they create excitement in bed.
  • They are designed scientifically to hit the right places. No more guessing, no more try-outs.
  • It lets you discover different ways to orgasm with or without sex. You discover erotic places you haven’t found yet. When you learn more about your body, you’re not limiting your sexual needs and desire. 

There is no wrong way to seek out your own pleasure. Having a sex life is as essential as food for our bodies. Inability or insufficient orgasm are problems well-acknowledged thus, the invention of sex toys. Our modern time is paving the way to normalize the usage of adult toys to improve sex life as evidenced by surveys. Experimenting with pleasurable products alone or with your partner is a discovery waiting for you to unfold.