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Be silenced and let go of your control. Equip your submissive role-play with the best collection of gags made perfectly for kinky sex. Submit your control in bed with this popular bondage toy. Our best collection caters from vanilla-side to the kinky side of the sexual spectrum. 

About the toy. A ball gag has a sphere ball that can either be made from silicone or rubber material. This ball is then attached to a strap that you can wear on your head. In this collection, you will see different types of material for ball gags. You can have either a silicone ball or a rubber ball that is attached to straps to be put over your head. When the ball is put on your mouth, it is position behind the teeth. Silicone balls which are soft and squishy still allow you to flex your mouth, so this is perfect for beginners. The straps are normally adjustable to fit any size of the head.

Are you a beginner? Start with a smaller ball gag, preferably a silicone material for a more comfortable feel. Choose ball gag that can be adjusted easily.

Are you an intermediate level? Bigger, harder materials can be better for you. If you want to spice up your usual gag ball, go for a more durable material for the ball and straps.

Are you a pro-level? For advanced ball gag users like you, gags made from durable materials are the best! Check for straps with leather or hard cloth that can still be adjusted but with maximum strength. We want you to be prepared when things go hot and rocking later.  

If you enjoy a dominant-submissive dynamic play with your lover, this is perfect for you! The sub gets to be silenced with this fun, and kinky toy for a more sensual restraint play.

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