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Create a sensual bedroom with flickering light and scented aromas from this candles collection. Be blown away with these erotic candles that will heat up your sex life!

Massage candles are a popular bedroom essential. It amplifies the sensual mood and also gives you something creative to use for foreplay or during temperature play. These candles are made of skin-safe oils that have a low melting point. Compared to regular candle wax, this is safer to use on skin and made especially for romantic adventures. We handpicked the best scents and massage candle to use in the bedroom for your handsy sexual experience. These sophisticated candles will bring elegance to the room while melting your stress away.

Bring your temperature-play up a notch. Bring your loved-one to different romantic countries one candle at a time. Choose from the best selection including Waikiki beach, London, Athens, Rome, and Paris.

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