Top Ideas from Fifty Shades of Grey That Are Worth Trying With Your Partner

Have you ever thought of having sex inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey? Do you dream of a scorching hot, steamy sex? Whether you have your red bedroom like "Mr Grey" or you plan on having a room of pleasant pleasure and pain, there are still many things you can use as inspiration in your bedroom for your pleasure exploration. Here are the best ideas from Fifty Shades of Grey movie that will allow your inner goddess to jump out of you.

Against the wall

Often this action is used in Fifty Shades when Mr Grey pushes Ana against the wall. It could happen in his house, in the shower, or even in an elevator. You can try this at your home by pushing your partner towards the wall while kissing or and letting your partner give up her control.

You can also try it in the shower, leaning against a wall, sitting on a counter, or in missionary position. If you want to add more spice to it, ask your female partner not to touch you and pin-up the arms above their head in an upright position. Then let him do whatever he wants. This act has the potential to drive you both crazy.

Intensify the atmosphere

The atmosphere is everything in Mr Grey's red space. He always sets the tone perfectly for dirty and perverse fun, which is essential in setting the mood whether during foreplay or the act itself. So, before diving into your secret chest of sex toys, it's time to set the atmosphere in your own bedroom - ordinary or the red one.

You can also consider replacing the light bulbs with softer bulbs, or better yet, exchange them completely with fragrant candles. As the mood burns, you can even use the melted wax for fifty darker shades of pleasure.

Marking limits with a lipstick

In the movie, Ana used her lipstick on Mr Grey's body to mark all the places she couldn't touch. Ana drew on Grey’s body indicating area boundaries and touching Christian in the lipstick mark areas. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? You can try to mark each other's body with lipstick, which is all the places you want to touch. Then let your partner's mouth or hands move to those places, and the game goes on.

Top Ideas from Fifty Shades of Grey That Are Worth Trying With Your Partner


Experiment with bonds

In the movie, it showed how BDSM can be enjoyable with having ankles or wrists tied up, and usage of bondage toys. BDSM kits improve sensation and the role-playing showed how it is wonderful to give and take control. You can start with one of you holding the other while making love. For smooth play on this idea, use wrist cuffs so you can focus on giving your partner the pleasure without having to worry about her hands. From there, you can explore different pleasure items with your partner and take note which ones she liked the most. If you plan on experimenting with bonds, it is best to have a kit of pleasure items that will give you a wide range of options from temperature, to bondage, to impact play, among other essentials in the bedroom.

Ever since the movie was aired a couple of years ago, men, especially women fantasize about role-playing Christian and Ana. There’s no doubt how it gave sensual desires to its millions of viewers. Try your version with your partner and don’t be afraid to explore different areas of your sexuality you haven’t known. Have an open mind, get your props on, internalize, and make the best performance of your life.