Best Lube and Alternatives You Can Use

Today, many couples are using lubricants for more and more pleasure. Lube has become an essential item that couples use during sex. It creates additional enjoyment and comfort, but it also offers protection against unpleasant abrasions during sexual intercourse. It is best recommended that you get lube or two stored in your bedroom. When things get steamy, you will be prepared to get the protection that is within your reach. But if you run out of essential lubricant or if you haven't quite found something that works for you yet, you can use lubrication alternatives you can easily find in your home. 

Here, we summed up the best lubricant and some home lubrication alternatives for when you are waiting for your stocks to arrive.


Satisfyer Gentle Light Water-Based Lubricant

This water-based lube is popular and well-loved because it is gently formulated. It is oil and fat-free and non-sticky when touched to the skin. It is a classic lube that offers flexibility in terms of use. 

Fifty Shades Come Alive Pleasure Gel

Non-sticky lubes also comes in gel form and is well-loved by women around the world. With its gel formula, you may use it in playful foreplay, or application to sensitive areas of your body, or when irritation occurs. This is perfect for travellers who always wanted to come to battle prepared. It comes in a compact size perfect for your escapades.




Aloe Vera

If you have aloe vera plant in your garden, you can use this as a great alternative for lube. If you cut the Aloe Vera plant, it produces a gel-like material. This gel helps to heal burns, especially sunburn, or other infections. Some lubricants available in the market also contain aloe vera as an ingredient. 



Petroleum jelly is probably the cheapest and easy-to-get lubrication alternative for those who were not exactly prepared but is ready to get the action going if you know what I mean. It is a semi-solid mixture of minerals and oils mainly used for irritation, burns, and dry skin. Natural petroleum jelly may seem waxy; however, a small body heat application softens it and works like the standard lubricant.


Plain Yogurt

Another better lubrication alternative is yogurt. At first use, it may seem strange to use yogurt as an alternative to lubricant, but believe me, this natural alternative is advantageous.


Plain yogurt has confirmed effective for some women to treat bacterial infections because the yeast contains healthy bacteria. Remember to use yogurt that contains no sugar. Otherwise, you will end up with a yeast infection. If you and your partner want to be more playful, you can lick it without the added calories. How’s that for dessert?


Lubricants may range from water-based to especially flavoured ones, that are designed for bedroom needs and various uses. Alternatives that are common household items, such as aloe vera, yogurt, or other products also helps when you haven’t stocked up yet. Store these staples and be prepared anytime, anywhere.