Six Things A Couple Needs To Try Between The Sheets

Most of the couple believe that the flame of intimacy died after a few years, which is an obvious thing if you are performing the same things in the bedroom. You should always try out some new and unique things in the bed instead of practising the same old positions. In this post, we are sharing six tips to spice up your sex life.

  1. Practice some role play

You can practice some role play with your lover in bed, which is a sure way to experience new things. All you need to do is dressing up according to your theme and enjoy the play. Imagine, your partner has a crush on a Hollywood celebrity, and you are pleasuring him by depicting the look of his crush.

  1. Sensation play

 Sensation play is one of the most ways through which you create a stronger bond in a relationship. You should know that sex is not always about penetration; it can also include some intimate and sensational play. Sensation play is a type of sexual play in which you can use hot and cold objects like frozen fruits, ice cubes, or melted candle wax to pleasure your partner. If you don’t want a messy bed, try having a glass dildo that is perfect if your partner screams for a cold or hot sensation.

  1. Be playful with Kama Sutra moves

You must have practised several positions in your bed like a cowgirl, doggie, missionary, etc. But if you don’t have tried Kama Sutra moves, you are missing out a massive fun between your sheets. These moves act as yoga classes for the sex lovers, which are incredible, tricky, and keep the potential to leave you in sweat.

  1. A little bit of bondage

Don’t think about the whip or chains as it comes under massive plays. You need to practice some little bit of bondage in your bedroom. Blindfolded eyes and some feathers can do fantastic magic during your play. If your partner is ready to go on some adventurous rides, you can enhance the level of submission and dominance. Want to beg for more? Try luxurious kegel balls that stimulates from within. And yes, also perfect for water activities since its water-proof.

A little bit of bondage

  1. Tasty treats in bed

If you think that food is only meant for eating, you are missing out a tremendous fun. It is immense fun when you combine your two favourite things, which are essential to living a happy life. Yes, we are talking about sex and food, bring some delicious food into your bedroom, and feel your partner’s body like never before. Try spreading edible body oil with just subtle scent on your partner’s naked body and lick it using your tongue. You will be surprised how steamy your night is going to be. And, did we say, it is edible? Yes, it is!

  1. Adult toys
Introduce some trending adult toys in your play and dive into the ocean of pleasures. You should know that adult toys do not come only for masturbation but also used by couples to achieve the nest level of intimacy when they are making out. If you don’t know which one to get, experiment with 10 pieces of pleasure products from Fifty Shades 10 days of pleasure for a kit that you will ever need in between the sheets.