Importance of Intimacy in a Long Distance Relationship

Making a long-distance relationship work is a challenge on itself. Intimacy is one of the significant pillars to keep LDR as healthy as possible. The lack of intimacy in these relationships can lead to break up or even divorce. It is a challenge to create and maintain intimacy if your miles and timezone away from each other.

Intimacy can be defined in many ways - it can be closeness a couple feels between each other, feeling safe in a relationship or physical closeness. Generally, intimacy is the balance between physical and emotional aspects between a couple. Some long-distance relationship works and survived the challenge but others do not. And it boils down to one thing – lack of intimacy. Let’s run down the effects of lack of intimacy just in case you are not convinced yet.

Lack of intimacy can lead to affairs

When there is a lack of intimacy in a long-distance relationship, your partner seeks that thing in another person to complete the physical or emotional needs. Commonly, men seek physical intimacy while women always need emotional support.

Lack of intimacy leads to dishonesty

You should be comfortable when you are sharing everything with your partner, whether it is about your emotional or physical needs. Oftentimes, when your time is not synced with your partner, you missed the opportunities to share important details that happened in your life. You also don’t get to share your worries anymore. It is essential to share these things regularly because you need to maintain a bond consistently.

Lack of intimacy fades the excitement to the relationship

Without intimacy, your relationship is nothing more than a friendship. It fades the excitement of being in a relationship and the pleasure of having a partner you can rely on all the time.

 Lack of intimacy fades the excitement to the relationship

How do you stay intimate and connected despite long-distance?

  • Communicate

Communicate well with your lover and tell everything – I mean everything there is. Keep it fresh and exciting. Be as playful as needed. Find funny things to send them, surprise them with a sexy picture or video once in a while.

  • Fantasize

Learn to have a fantasy time where both of you plan to think about the playful things you want to do with one another when you meet. Let your mind create characters or stories and play them out while on a video call. Glam up with Fifty Shades accessories and do your version of the movie and the next time you roll.

  • Make an effort to surprise your lover

Go beyond the usual conversation, surprises, and well even in sex. Make use of video calls to level up your playtime. Surprise your lover buy being different than the usual. Texting is normal, then do sexting. Video sex is normal, then role-play over cam sex. Flowers and chocolate are normal gifts, go for playful products where your partner will enjoy it the most. A tip: clone your thingy and deliver it to her doorstep so she has something to remember you by, thank me later.