How to Practice Self-Care During Quarantine

As the cases of COVID-19 are rising rapidly, quarantine and lockdown are indeed appropriate measures. This situation is not the normal and ideal scenario for everyone but we have to cope up. Most people forget to take care of themselves during the lockdown period. When you are comfortable at your home, chances are, you don’t take extra efforts the same way you do when you are not limited and on quarantine. A common practice during the quarantine is not being able to do self-care i.e. taking a bath, taking skincare, etc. Here, we have some ways to beat the boredom and practice that much-needed self-care routine.

Take an extra-long bubble bath

Take this opportunity to indulge in a relaxing and extra-long bubble bath. Fill your bathtub with scented bombs that will surely lighten up your mood in these challenging times. Since we’re on this topic, feel free to add some scented candles on your bathroom for a relaxing mood to die for. How to take a long bubble bath? Experiment with this floral-scented lube that activates crystals. You get an amazing scent plus an interactive experience that may trigger some kinky water actions (*wink!).

Refresh “down there”

Yes, sometimes, life gets busy, and it is hard to give attention to your body. Make the most of the quarantine season and freshen up your lower part. Aside from trimming the “forest”, smoothen the area with fantastic products that reduce bumps and dark spots. Just because you can’t get out does not mean you won’t keep your intimate fresh and clean. Proper hygiene is a must, quarantine or not!

Have your “me-time”

To help you feel relaxed, and in zen, schedule an interrupted “me time”. The situation is challenging enough that may cause stress and anxiety. If when you’re feeling these, great self-help is to forget about the current problems and give yourself its much-deserved pleasure. Explore places, with a beginner-friendly, but powerful clit stimulator. Few minutes of intense pleasure will make everyone wonder why you’re blooming despite this quarantine season.

Get or give massages

Whether you’re lucky to have a partner with you (or not!) during this lockdown, make an effort to extend the self-care activities by offering them a massage or getting one. Invest in scented body massage oil that you can use for a wholesome massage or for when you want to be creative in playtime. Invigorating scents like the zest of orange will make your senses come alive. We know you’re feeling it too!



Get a massage at home



Read a book

Take this time to read those stacked up books you bought last book fair. And if you’re missing your partner this season, start on reading Fifty Shades of Grey and get ready to be enticed. Get some silly ideas and make out session from this best-selling book. Who knows, you might be ready to surprise your loved one with some role-playing action when the quarantine is over. Your lover will be amazed when you do your version of Anastasia and begged your Christian Gray for an all Fifty-Shades-props night of sexy time.

Love yourself not only this quarantine season but every day of the year. Get some tips from our self-care activities above. You deserved to be treated well, and we want you to start working on it.