Guide to Use a Fleshlight – Basics and Beyond

The Fleshlight changed the way men masturbates. It is a popular sex toy for men, and you can do a lot more things that just satisfy your sexual urges when you are without a partner or when in a long-distance relationship. Learn more about how to use a Fleshlight for more sexual satisfaction during masturbation. For the ladies, this product is a great interactive gift for your partners for when you would like to surprise them (which is always!).

Getting to know the basics of Fleshlight

Fleshlight falls under the sex toy category called “masturbation sleeves.” If you dismantle this toy, you will find:

  • A sleeve made up of skin-like material
  • A hard mould for cloning the vagina
  • A top to attach the cloned pussy 

Resembling a common household object – the flashlight, this toy is discreetly designed for naughty men who do not want to be caught.

Clone-A-Pussy sleeve kit

Cloning your pussy has never been this easy with this beginner-friendly kit. The material is quality grade and feels close to the real deal. The texture created from cloning a pussy will create varying satisfying sensations.

Clone-A-Pussy Sleeve Kit

Using Fleshlight for the first time

No matter how excited you are with your new toy, don’t just push your penis all through the entrance. You need to make your Fleshlight warmed up and ready, just like your partner. You lube up, insert your penis and move the sleeve kit until orgasm. Pretty basic, right?

Pro tip: Use a paraben-free lubricant that perfectly matches the material of the sleeve. And depends on how fast and the texture you wanted, a thicker lube is recommended for an amazingly realistic feel.

Cleaning your Fleshlight

Rinse your fleshlight with clean, warm water. Using a cleaning toy will remove the dirt, fluffs, and the sticky feel. It is recommended to use a top-notch cleaning adult toy for a fresh, clean scent afterwards.

Masturbation sleeves are sex toys that add fun, variety and excitement to your masturbation. The patterns created from cloning a real one (or not!) cause pleasurable sensations that cannot be created when you are just using your hands. So explore, and wait until you go crazy over this product and one hell of an experience.