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Are you currently having trouble reaching your climax or still looking for more? Would you like to have a feeling of pleasure? Magic Men Shop and Sex Toys is an excellent place for you to check out. 

We have a variety of high-quality vibrators and dildos for you to choose from. We know you are looking to fulfill all your wildest dreams for you and your partner, or even with yourself. This is one place that we call our fun factory.

If you feel embarrassed while buying at regular adult stores, you won't be able to feel that again. 

The privacy we can give you and the feeling of satisfaction while checking our wide range of adult toys to choose from.

Our sex shops are not exclusive to a single product, but our range is extensive to almost all products available. You can choose from dildos, vibrators, bondage male toys, and so much more.

After checking the studies that were done, it shows that sex toys can increase the pleasure and sexual health of its users. With that in mind, We would like you also to have that benefit.


Adult Toys for the Ladies

Ladies are very hard to please, especially if she never gives up her pleasure secrets. So with that in mind, these toys that we will tackle would greatly help any other woman please her.

Dildos Sydney

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First of all, what comes into our mind about this toy is that every dildo is created the same. But what we don't know is that dildos can be made as to any shape and size. It can also be created under different textures.

It could be straight or even curved, Smooth, or rigid. And even has an option for vibrating effects. Some are using double-ended dildos for two persons to use together. But again, its primary purpose is for penetration.

What to look for when getting a dildo

There are a lot of choices for users that you will be thinking of getting one. But the best thing to think about is how would you like to feel when penetrated with this. 

  • Would you like to feel a hard and slippery straight dildo to penetrate you
  • Would you like to use a curve dildo to hit your G-spot
  • Would you like to use a large hard to fit one

These are a few questions you can have in mind before buying one for you and your partner. 

Vibrators Sydney

Vibrator; Vibrators; magic men; Vibrator sydney

This type of toy can give additional pleasure to your experience, with the irresistible feeling and a great help to reach orgasm. Vibrators will be a great addition to you and your partner during sex. We can recommend our Magic wand for the best pleasure you would be able to experience.

What to look for when getting a vibrator

The first to keep in mind before buying these toys would be the material it has. It would be preferable to find a silicon material. With this type of material, it won't absorb any fluids or chemicals. So this would be for easier cleaning.

And another is it can withstand the temperatures that the vibration will produce.

Bondages Sydney

bondage; bondages; bondage sydney

With this type of toy available, you and your partner can recreate 50 shades of grey: handcuffs, strap-on, and even nipple clamps. You can explore the wild and extreme side of having sex with pleasure.

Body Care

There are many body care options we can use while having an intimate time with your partner. So Here are some options to choose from.

Massage Oils Sydney

With the help of these massage oils, the tension and stiffness you and your partner are experiencing would be resolved. Massage oils that have great scents can also help increase the arousal of a woman while being massage. It is much better to have an erotic massage before going into deep action. 

Lubes Sydney

While having sex for more than 30mins would make you or your partner quite dry. Studies have shown for women that are having sex more than 30 mins usually get dry after. It would not be a good feeling to the woman or even to the guy penetrating. So we would also recommend having lube ready in case a long night of penetration happens. 

So Why Choose Magic Men Shop

With the variety of products in our store, there is a wide range of options to choose from. We can ensure that our work is of top quality, fast and discreet delivery, and the best price guarantee.

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Magic Men Shop is an Australian adult shop able to operate online and for customers near Sydney. Customer satisfaction comes first as our motto. We also have a customer service team available to talk to you regarding our products' questions and issues. One of our main goals as a business is to remove embarrassment or reluctance when buying our adult toys. Plus, sharing a sense of satisfaction while having an intimate moment with other people.

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