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Are you looking to find a way to mix things up while having sex? Wanting to make sure that you and your partner will enjoy having sex day and night? You have come to the right place. Magic Men's adult shop and sex toys are now available in the city of Perth.

Today's men and women are too diverse when it comes to having sex. So we here at Magic Men offer a wide variety of sex toys available to each and everyone willing to make there sex experience more wild and enjoyable.

If you think it would be stiff or awkward for you or your partner to purchase in a physical store near Perth. Worry no more, Our store is currently up online. With privacy you can have in the comfort of your home.

We are not just exclusive to a single type of product. We have a lot of toys to choose from. We are starting from dildos to bondages, vibrators, cock rings, and as well as supplements for better performance.

So here is some information about the product and the benefits to its users.

Adult Toys

Vibrators Perth

vibrator; vibrators; vibrator perth

Want to feel being stirred inside? Here is the best product that can meet your needs and wants. This sex toy is made of silicone or acrylic. So using this would make you or your partner will hit you climax or orgasm.


  • Recent studies show it can help you fight stress - orgasms will produce a liquid to let you feel the happiness inside
  • This can also expand your Pleasure Horizons - the vibrations will help you hit your hot spots for the better higher feeling of pleasure
  • Will make your vagina healthy - the walls of your vagina would be massage and will increase vaginal elasticity
  • It is suitable for your heart - endorphins prevent heart problems

Dildos Perth

dildo; dildos; dildo perth

Every Australian who has tried to use a dildo during sex or masturbation would say that it change their sex habit. With the help of dildos, each person can achieve a much better experience with sex. This is a natural feeling of contentment once you or your partner reach orgasm and that with the help of a dildo.


  • The feeling of content during and after sex - a dildo can provide services that a regular penis cant, It could be regarding the depth and size of the dildo's capacity
  • Helps to get pleasure anytime - this toy cant help you during the time that you are alone; if you are looking for someone to penetrate you but no one is there, A dildo can be handy
  • Genital exercise and therapy - it improves the overall strength of a vagina and will also help a much firm and stronger orgasm

Bondages Perth

bondage; bondages; bondage perth

This type of sex toy can definitely put fire on your relationship. You and your partner can try different bondages for your own needs. If you would like to restrain your partner's movement and you take over, a handcuff can do the job. And if you want to play underneath, a nipple clamp can free your hands to have much better foreplay underneath.

Some types of Bandages

  • Hand-Cuffs
  • Mask
  • Nipple Clamps
  • Penis plug
  • And so much more...


  • You can have the freedom to explore your partner for pleasure
  • It would spice up you and your partners' imagination
  • It can increase you and your partner's close communication together

Supplements & Enhancers Perth

Not everyone can sustain 20-30 min sex. Some are just for 5-10 mins. But with the supplements around, it will all change. If some are having a hard time regarding premature ejaculation, this product will surely make sure that it will do the job for you.


  • Gives you a lot of libido
  • Stamina and endurance
  • Will make sure to help you and your performance in bed

Why Choose Magic Men Store?

Currently, not all stores offer a wide range and variety of sex toys and adult products. But here at Magic Men, we ensure that all your needs will be fulfilled. And it's not just quantity that we have. We also make sure quality will be on the line. And as well as the best price guarantee.

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Magic Men is an Australian-based company that offers sex toys ranging from a dildo, vibrators, bondages, and even supplements. Once you are part of magic men, we will ensure that we will also deliver a top of the line services. If you have issues or questions with the product, we have a customer service team ready to answer your question. So what are you waiting for? If you would like to have an upgrade to the regular sex life you have. Try to check our store. We might change your life!

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