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Were you trying to find sex toys in Melbourne? No need to travel far from your home. Magic Men Adult Shop and Sex Toys Just opened an online shop in Melbourne.

Currently, we just opened an online shop for Melbourne customers. No need to break a sweat to look for a physical store nearby. We offer a wide range of sex toys and alike. From vibrators up to bandage, say it, we have it.

With this online store that we made, we can help you avoid the embarrassment you get when buying from a physical store. Plus, you would be able to have the privacy you wanted while choosing the best one for you.

Our online adult store can help you find the best cock rings or the best vibrators and dildos for your preference. But before you start choosing, Here is some information we can give to you so that you would be able to choose the best in our online fun factory.

So for a start, here are some of the supplements we would recommend to help you achieve the best performance you would give yourself and your partner.

Vibrators Melbourne

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Vibrators can have an essential role in wild sex night. This can stir up the heat before penetrating or even used while penetrating. Vibrators are usually used to create a stimulus filling inside and outside of a woman's vagina. So make sure you choose the correct type of Vibrator for your needs.

Here are some types available in our store

  • Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators do penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

  • Penetrative Vibrator 

This is a type of vibrator that will penetrate you and stimulate you all together inside

  • Impulse Vibrators

These impulse vibrators help your Kegel muscles to contract and tone. This can give quite a ZAP

  • Clitoral Vibrators

If you like to play with your clitoris, here is the best type of vibrators for you

  • Vibrator panties 

 A different type of panty. You can wear this anytime. Even at the mall and felt horny. Just switch this on, and you should feel the sensation within

Bondages Melbourne

bondage; bondages; bondage melbourne

This is more likely to stir up your evening. Try to use a handcuff to limit your partner's movements and have you on the lead. Once you put a strap on your partner, surely you will be in control. All of your wildest and maddest sex dreams would come true.

Here are some Bondages to choose from

  • Handcuffs - This would restrain your partner's movement for you to make sure you are in control.
  • Blindfold - This should mix some things up. Try to put on a blindfold and guess what's the next move of your partner.
  • Kegel balls - Try to put these balls inside you. This will make your vaginal muscles stronger for a much better sex experience.

Dildos Melbourne

dildo; dildos; dildo melbourne

One of the adult toys one should have. But don't be mistaken that all dildos are the same. Each dildo has been created for each and different personal convenience. Some might want it long and big, Some might wish to it relatively medium in length but has a curve at the end. It depends. This can also be considered as anal toys.

Some dildo types:

  • Suction Cup Dildos
    • These dildos can be put anywhere you want it. This can be set in your shower or bedroom floor or even table.
  • Realistic Dildos
    • This feels like the real deal. If you think you need to touch a real cock, this dildo can help fill your needs.
  • Double Ended Dildos
    • Enjoying it by yourself is good, But sharing the sensational feeling with another is better. This can be used to penetrate you and your partner both together at the same time.
  • Vibrating Dildos
    • This is not just penetrating you but can also stir you from the inside. The pleasure of penetration plus the sensation of the vibration inside

Sexual Enhancement Pill Melbourne

This type of enhancer pill is for the enhancement of performance and increase of libido in the body. This should be taken 1 hour before sex for energy and libido enhancement. With this, your partner will keep asking for more.

Adult Lubricants Melbourne

After more than 30 mins, some females are starting to get dry. With adult lubricant help, this is used to make sure everything is lubricated during sex for more extended and lasting performance. No guy wants to penetrate a dry pussy. Right? So this would do the job for you.

Sex Toy Cleaners Melbourne

With this sex toy cleaners' help, you can make sure your toy is free from dirt and germs. All items are made out of a fast-acting ingredient to ensure they are clean and free from dirt. This product does not have any bad or strong smell after washing the sex toy.

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