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Magic Men adult shop and Sex Toys is currently available to assist and help customers in Hobart. With the variety of sex toys and several supplements available for usage. We will make sure our customers in Hobart will love us.

So for a start, here at Magic Men Shop, our pure dedication is to give out the best to our customers. We created our online shop to ensure that every person in Hobart who has access to the internet can run through our catalog.

Our products are regularly checked to meet the best standard of each sex toy we sell, from dildos, Vibrators, and also Bandages.

We have noticed that most persons that would like to try out a sex toy Stops outside the shop but never go in. Why is that? So we tried to find the root cause of that, and that is Embarrassment. Adults that tend to stand outside an adult store but never come in are embarrassed.

So what we did is we created an online store. With this, we can maximise the capacity of one to choose what they like without hesitation. Anyone can buy a sex toy in the comforts of their home with privacy. We eliminated the Embarrassment that the customers will feel when buying.

So here is a list of products available in our catalog.

Vibrators Hobart

vibrator; vibrators; vibrator hobart

Most commonly used in porn movies. Vibrators are the best in the market, which will give you the best experience ever. So when trying this out, make sure you are ready for a wild and incredible experience.

Some Types of Vibrators

  • Rabbit Vibrators
  • With this type of vibrators, you would not only bestir from the inside but outside too

  • Penetrative Vibrator 
  • If vibration is not enough. This will be, with the penetration needed plus the vibration all in one

  • Impulse Vibrators
  • This is made to make sure your Kegel muscles will be working and strained. For a much better experience 

  • Clitoral Vibrators
  • The clitoris is one part of the vagina that tingles when played with. With the clitoral vibrators, this will indeed be achieved.

  • Vibrator panties 
  • Late for work? But still horny? Try these vibrator panties. This could be worn anytime and anywhere. Just push the remote and let the stimulation feeling happen.

    Dildos Hobart

    dildo; dildos; dildos hobart

    This sex toy has been created for the sole purpose of penetrating. If the one is penetrating, you can't hit the G-spot. Let dildo’s do the work. Dildos come in with a variety of sizes and shapes. This will make sure to give the pleasure you are looking for.

    Some types of Dildos

  • Suction Cup Dildos 
  • This type of dildo is suitable to use during a hot or cold shower. Just place it on the wall or even on top of the toilet. And Ride with it

  • Vibrating Dildos 
  • Dildos’ purpose of penetration has been upgraded. Not just penetration but stimulation as well.

  • Realistic Types
  • Dildos are a great lifesaver when you feel horny. So with this type of dildo, you cannot miss the feeling of a real cock inside you. The texture and the size will make sure to give you an intense orgasm once done

  • Double Ended Dildos
  • This would probably help you and your partner better communicate. You are going to feel the same way and another with these double-ended dildos. Share the feeling of being penetrated and also make sure to cum in both together.


    Bondages Hobart

    bondage; bondages; bondage hobart

    This is where creativity and BDSM would come out. Like the movie 50 Shades of Grey. Partners can copy the scene with handcuffs and clitoris clamps, which is available in our store too. The bandages currently available come in a wide variety that will make sure you and your partner will be able to use it.

    Magic Men Store

    We are an Australian based company that is dedicated to providing the best sex toys ever.

    Our online store has been created to cater to all customers in Hobart and all over Australia. Our main goal is to provide the best price guarantee for our customers. We will make sure that every item or toy that is bought from us is well taken care of during shipment. Free shipping is available within the whole of Australia. Especially the city of Hobart.

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