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Are you having trouble with your overall performance? Or is your partner still looking for more? Worry no more, Magic Men adult shop and sex toys are in Brisbane.

Our shop is filled with a lot of high-quality sex toys to choose from. Our main goal is to have you and your partner experiences the wildest things possible to do in bed.

One of the issues nowadays is the feeling of embarrassment when purchasing in a brick and mortar type of adult store. But here with us, your worries would be no more. We have a wide range of selections in our online store.

We are not just into 1 or 2 products; our range is extensive to almost all sex toys available in the market. You have the freedom to choose from different sizes of dildos up until the tightest bondage we have in store.

Here are some information and tips that you might want to read before choosing one of our products.

Vibrators Brisbane

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With this toy, you can use this with your partner or even just by yourself. With the help of this toy, you or your partner will reach its peak. Our vibrators have settings that would be best for your desired preference. Our magic wand can do those settings for you.

Here are some type of vibrators

  • Penetrative Vibrator - these vibrators work to penetrate inside and have everything inside stimulated
  • Clitoral Vibrators - while the penetrative vibrator stimulates inside you, this will work with outside stimulations
  • Rabbit Vibrators - this type of vibrator is giving a 2 in one sensation. Together with penetration and clitoral stimulation
  • Impulse Vibrators - these vibrators give out a slight zap intensity for your Kegel muscles to contract and tone.

Dildos Brisbane

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A study shows that almost 53% of women already tried to use a dildo to provide their satisfaction in one way or another. So regarding dildo toys, come to mind the different types that are currently available. It still depends on your preference. 

Here are some of the different types we have in the market

  • Vibrating Dildos - so being penetrated while being stimulated is one of the things you will be feeling while using this type of dildo
  • Suction Cup Dildos - you can use this anywhere at any time. Place it in the shower and enjoy having your self fuck every time you take a shower
  • Realistic Types - this looks and feels like the real thing. Is there no guy available to penetrate you? This is going to solve your problem. Comes in different colours and sizes
  • Double Ended Dildos - the toy that can penetrate not just one but two persons at the same time. If you and your partner want to have the same feeling, try this out, and enjoy the same feeling while being penetrated.

Bondages Brisbane

bondage; bondages; magic men; bondage brisbane

Have you taught of fucking while following how porn stars do it? Fifty shades of grey made these toys famous. From nipple clamps to handcuffs and up until the clitoral clamps, we have it. One way to make your experience a bit wild and exciting is by using these types of toys.

Put handcuffs on your partner and do all the things to make them ask for more!

Lubricants Brisbane

Lubricants can significantly increase the duration of you and your partner's sex time. Not all women can still keep it wet after 30mins, so this would be one of the best things to have handy in your bedroom. No one wants to feel dry while penetrating.

Massage Oils Brisbane

Different types of oil are available in the market right now. But what we do offer is an oil that has a sweet aromatic fragrant. With the fragrant itself, you and your partner will indeed be aroused. Many women prefer to have their bodies caress first before penetration. So this oil will surely do the job for you.

Supplements & Enhancers Brisbane

After having a whole day of work would be tiring for some of us. But with the help of the supplements available here with us. We can make sure that your daily sex routine will still be achieved.  

Some of us are also looking for a long run. With supplements, these long runs can be doubled or even tripled. A partner that asks for more will surely be pleased.

Why Choose Magic Men

The products we offer are on top of the standards and high-quality sex toys. We also provide online support for issues and delays with the shipment.his is making sure no customer will be disappointed. Another thing is we make sure that the package is securely packed to withstand any transportation issues.

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We are an online Australian Adult shop able to operate within the Brisbane area. We offer full support and are also able to send it right to your doorstep. If you have questions about the products or orders, our customer support is just one call away. Customer satisfaction guarantee is one of our goals as being an online selling platform. 


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