Pandemic Proof Essentials For Quarantine

It has been a virtue to come to battles well-prepared. But sometimes, battle surprises us in the middle of the night. Just like the pandemic, none of us has prepared for a war that devours all countries. We can only do so much when we were on lockdown. People panicked, some did panic-buying for their essentials avoiding scarcity and making sure they have all they needed. Fortunately, we’ve passed such phase but hopefully, this list can still give you guidance on things to buy. Check our list for pandemic-proof storage in your home sweet home.

Groceries for munch-loving!

Food and water are the number top essentials we should always have in our storage cabinets. It is always a good practice to have foods stacked up in our cabinets for emergencies. This is also helpful for when you don’t feel like cooking and you want a ready-made food to be heated in your oven. Instant foods and canned goods are essentials that can last up to years. Pro tip: Practice FIFO every time you will replenish your groceries. This way, we can ensure all the first ones that were purchased are eaten first as well.

Medicines that make us well.

It’s always a good practice to have the first aid kit in your storage to quickly respond to emergencies. Essentials like a band-aid, maintenance medicines and supplements can be stored so you always come prepared when a sudden situation happens.

Condoms for safe (and sound!) sex.

That escalated quickly! With the pandemic, people started stockpiling and overbuying condoms leaving no stocks left on the shelves for other people. This is one essential you wouldn’t expect to be in demand, but hey, no judgment. Safe sex is always important.

Massage oils to destress your soul.



The pandemic caused anxiety to most people, and it is a normal reaction. Destressing activities have been popular and people learned to be creative at the comfort of their homes. Since this is a chance to be intimate with your partner (if you’re lucky enough not to be in LDR), aside from condoms, scented massage oils are perfect essentials to pile up on your bedside table. Get one that is floral scented so you can always use it in bed or in the shower. Ask your loved one to massage your and let your body be caressed until you are de-stressed. 

These are few essentials that made up to our list. Unless the quarantine is lifted already, it is best to be prepared with all the things you and your family may need. Make the most out of this period and look forward to a positive future. You will come out strong after this pandemic because you are well-prepared. Great job, girl!