How Sex Toys Have Become A Lockdown Essential For Women

Today, everyone is undoubtedly experiencing unusual moments, and who knew that toilet paper and hand sanitizer were going to be products that are so in demand?

While most companies are locked down to limit the coronavirus spread, one of Australia's largest online media channels reported sex toy sales went up to 42%. Also, a sex toy and lingerie retailer saw a 27% increase in sex toy sales over the same period last year, and condom sales doubled in just one week. 

Therefore, with the sudden spike in orders that follow the Australian government's advice to isolate and avoid all unnecessary social gatherings, the rate of sale of sex toys virtually increased.


But why sex toys? Why now?

According to a comment from Australian society - "Australian women are spending a lot of money on sex toys during the coronavirus outbreak, and the number of women looking for and buying sex toys has been growing faster, accounting for seven out of 10 sales over the years. We are selling almost double the number of products for couples, especially for women we usually do at this time of the year."

Therefore, staying at home can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle, and if women and men do not commute or work, it can make them feel bored, isolated, stressed, depressed, and lonely. It is, therefore, natural for couples to have sex to have adventurous and exciting ways to add more fun to their relationship and make the most of their time together. 

You might wonder, how about the singles? How will they get sexual satisfaction if online dating is also not possible in a pandemic situation? For them, sex toys are a way to gain sexual pleasure while their real sex life is on hold.

Today, the most popular products purchased from the website include rabbit vibrator, clitoral stimulator, air suction vibrator, and the We-Vibe couple vibrator. These kinds of sex toys are specially designed for ladies. According to a study, if a woman is comfortable with her sexuality and using sex toys, her vulva and breast examinations results may also be better compared to those who are not. In addition, it has found a positive correlation between self-pleasure, improved immunity, and an overall improvement in health.

Not Just Sex Toys - How Sex Toys Have Become A Lockdown Essential For Women


Not Just Sex Toys

It’s no surprise that sex has appeared several times in conversations during the battle of coronavirus. Porn sites have advertised free premium services to those in quarantine, while "porn coronavirus" has appeared on several adult websites.

In conclusion, forget what you already think you know about porn hubs or sex toys; place an order for your own set of toys - if you want to enjoy your isolated time. Sex toys are a surefire way to dramatically improve masturbation and stimulate oxygen production, enhance your mood, improve cognition, and act as a natural pain reliever.