How do People Embrace Pleasure Options in the New Normal?

Since COVID-19 lockdown, you might have noticed how things are pretty tough. A lot of things have changed and we shift to a different normal. For example, only one person is allowed to enter the bakeries and shops at once, the last call at the bar is 6 PM, all mass-scale events have been postponed or cancelled, and restaurants are closed for dine-in meals.

Companies are making their employees work from home. Travel plans for individuals or corporate were postponed. Public schools are extending their spring break, colleges are moving toward online classes. Large-scale events like SXSW, Coachella have been delayed. This pandemic is seriously like a buzzkill.

Relationships are also affected by this pandemic. Singles unable to do physical dates, couples on long-distance relationships and trying their best to be intimate as much as possible. If restaurants and bars are closed, where are you going out with your tinder date? If the government is not allowing you to travel outside, how can you continue your love life? And if all the popular events are cancelled, there is no possibility that you can have a hot make-out session at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Single or partnered with someone, how do you cope with getting your own pleasure during this challenging time? If you are not with your partner, you can’t totally rely on sex for having orgasms. And we know how orgasm-deprived crisis will make you feel.  

Pleasure and orgasm give you a lot of benefits. It includes pain relief, mood stabilization, happiness, better sleeping patterns, and stress relief, surprisingly. As you have more free time than you ever had, we will suggest some Postmates, Netflix, and a large amount of masturbation. Also, you can add some toys to turn your solo sessions up a notch.

How do People Embrace Pleasure Options in the New Normal - Magic Men Shop


Below are our recommended toys so you can embrace pleasure in this new normal.

Touchless Clit Stimulator

If you have got a clitoris, and you love having clitoral stimulation, some excellent products can help you to reach the top of the mountain. Whether its touch-less stimulation or vibration from the wand, you will definitely go crazy for these unique toys. 

Air Technology Clit Stimulator

In this, you get utilizing pleasure of air technology. This is considered the Rolls Royce of sex toys. The product has an ergonomic design, premium look, and ultra lush. When you hold it in your hand, it will definitely feel luxurious. Go try, and be treated like a queen.

Remote-controlled Clitoral Stimulator

This Satisfyer Layon - Dark Desire Vibrator offers powerful vibrations despite its size.  You can enjoy this tempting toy anytime, anywhere. It fits perfectly in your hand with its remote-control design. It is modestly priced, waterproof, compact, and this is all you are going to need. 

The Classic Wand

This classic wand made it as the top-selling wand because of its functionality and effectivity. It surely gets the job done! It has four intensity levels, with a lot of vibrations per minute. Like a lot! Try why its voted as number one and be surprised with its magical prowess!

New normal means you should be able to continue your daily activities in a new setting and strategies. Some things come to us by surprise, but it doesn’t mean we cannot be flexible and adaptable. Embrace the new normal ways of getting pleasure and satisfaction amidst the lockdown and quarantine. Get your vibe going, and embrace your sexuality.