Everything you need to Know About Nipple Clamps

Some people believe in performing the same thing in every play, but some curious souls are always ready to try out new jobs in the bed. When it comes to exploring into the world pleasure, you must have faced some doubts regarding dildos, heating gel, vibes, or nipple clamps. In this post, we are guiding those people who have some kind of curiosity about nipple play. Check it out below.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps fall under the category of adult toys that are used to apply on the nipple of a person to restrict the blood flow in the area. When these clamps are removed, and the blood flows back to the nipples, it gives a person an intense pleasure and fantastic experience. You can also hang some weight to increase the pinching sense in that sensual zone.

These clamps help in the sexual-arousing of a person and increase the sensitivity of the nipples by trapping the blood in the area. You can use it with your partner to check if she likes it or not or in BDSM for torturing the breast of a person.

You can use them solo or With a Partner

It doesn’t matter whether you are using these clamps with your partner or including them when you are masturbating. It can be fun using them when you are trying out new things in self-love as you can see if it helps you in arousal while you are masturbating and pressing your boobs.

Types of Nipple Clamps

Like vibrators, lubes, and gels, there are varieties of Nipple Clamps mentioned below.

  • Nipple and Clit Clamp

These clamps are equipped with silicone tips which provide you with some comfort. It is an ideal choice for those who want to trap the nipples and clit of their partner to arouse them. It consists of three clamps, which also come with some weight to increase the pinching sense of the erogenous zones of a woman. You can also go for clit clamps if you don’t want to trap the breast of your partner.

  • Pain-Alligator Clamps

Clothes-pin-style clamps are another name of these types of clamps that come with some extra heavyweight to increase the stimulation in the breast. You can also adjust them through adjustable screws to manage the force according to your need. 

  • Non-Metal Clamps

These are the perfect clamps for those who are suffering from allergies to metal. These clamps don’t contain any metal and let you enjoy the play without any worry about allergy rashes and blistering of the skin.

You can start nipple play with the adjustable clamps so that you can adjust them according to your need and capability. It is always fun when you are getting used to these clamps as it stimulates your upper body as you have never experienced before. You should always wear them for less than fifteen minutes or remove the clamps immediately when the nipples start to turn into blue due to a lack of oxygen.