Common Sex Kinks for Novices in the Game

Most couples in the bedroom begin making love with a blend of passion and lust, but sometimes you are left with more desires and fantasies. When you practice the same positions, every time between the sheets can make things predictable and unenjoyable. But sex kinks keep the potential to add some fun into your sexual life.

You can define ‘kink’ as any sexual behaviour which comes from out of the box. When it comes to sex, people are more experimenting these days as they believe in trying out new things in the bed to spice up regular sex life. There are multiple examples of kinks like roleplay, anal sex, dress up, fisting, foot worship, swinging, strap-on-sex, etc.     

All you need to do is find out the action which you want to try in the bed and witness a new level of intense pleasure and excitement. You can bring some spice in your sex life with the following things:

Introduce sex toys in your make-out session

Adopting sex toys can be daunting in the beginning, but after a mutual understanding of wants and fantasies, a couple starts to enjoy these devices in the bed. You can buy an adult toy kit for beginners, or you can try out the following toys in your bed.

  • Dildos

A perfect dildo acts as a penetrating device for vagina and anus. It gives a better stimulation than comes from intercourse. Most women across the globe prefer seven to eight inches of dildo for an intense orgasm.

  • Butt Plugs

It can help you to perform anal sex smoothly as it stretches your anus and provides you with a fantastic experience.

  • Vibrators

Vibrators are the most preferred device when it comes to satisfying a woman. You should always go for the best vibrator, which can stimulate the clitoris and targets the G-Spot simultaneously.

  • Cock Rings

Cock rings are the best way to achieve harder erections and give pleasure to both men and women. Vibrating cock rings is the enhanced version of these rings, which provides you with an unforgettable experience.

 A touch of Grey- BDSM for novices

A touch of Grey- BDSM for novices

There are many sides when you talk about BDSM, which can be tempting for beginners and can make your sex-life full of adventure. You should know that BDSM is the most popular way of making love, which includes not only physical factors but also mental aspects that make it enjoyable.

  • Sadism

In this type of BDSM, you experience pain and humiliation, which is the desired thing on your list. You have to control this pain and push your limit while using different things like a whip, belt, etc.

  • Bondage

In this, you find yourself tied by your partner, who is in charge and can do anything. A female can test her limits through this method, and a man can long the wishes of his woman.

  • Discipline

You and your partner can create a set of rules in which you are forbidden to do various things, but if you do, there is sexual punishment when you cross your limit. Your penalties will intensify the pleasures and sexual intercourse.

Inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, comes Fifty Shades 10 days of pleasure for a BDSM-style of sex kink your partner will love.

According to a study, 22% of adults engage in role-playing in bed, while more than 20% uses spanking and wants to be tied up during their playtime. Practising these common sex kinks may be beneficial to your health as it lowers the stress hormone and increases intimacy among partners. Enjoy these sex kinks but respect consent, safe words and boundaries. Don’t let social norms get in the way for you to achieve pleasure. Enjoy kinky sex, be naughty while still being nice.