An Ideal Stimulus Package for Both Individuals and Couples

During this COVID-19 outbreak, most of the governments across the globe have announced the total lockdown. In this tough time of uncertainty, you are certainly going to stay at home for some more time while your work is battling with coronavirus. Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you need to miss the touch of your loved one, you can still experience them with the help of Clone A willy and Clone A Pussy! Yes, you can create your very own replica, to use when you please.

It doesn’t matter whether you are solo or spending your quarantine with your partner; this package is ideal for both. Both items are sold separately, both will provide you and your partner with an exact replica of each other to keep forever, with the Clone A Willy also available in a variety of colours.

Where can I buy a Clone-A-Willy Kit or Clone-A-Pussy Kit?

You can buy both kits right here at the, we have them out back ready and waiting to be shipped to you. Can’t wait? Don’t forget to express shipping at check out. 

Who can buy a Clone-A-Willy or Clone-A-Pussy Kit?

In short, the answer to this is simple, anyone. You can buy it for yourself and get your partner to create the mold. You can order it and send it directly to your partner and then have them send it to you in all its completed glory. You could create a precise replica and send it to your distant lover as a gift, the possibilities are endless.

Why would you buy a Clone-A-Willy or Clone-A-Pussy Kit?

There are many reasons you can buy one of these magical kits, here are the top 4 just to list a few:

  1. Covid-19 lockdown doesn’t permit you to see you, dearest, cloning them will allow you to keep the spark alive in the bedroom with some fun playtime. We recommend also live calling or skyping for some extra interactive fun.
  2. Your partner doesn’t like the idea of you buying a sex toy as it brings up insecurities. This will allow you to have the best of both worlds, your very own unique toy and you can satisfy your partner's mental needs.
  3. A keepsake of your partner if they work away FIFO for example. ( FIFO – Fly In, Fly Out ) Allowing you to have complete access to them, whenever you need.
  4. A keepsake of yourself, to capture a snapshot of yourself during your best days.

Are Clone-A-Willy Kit or Clone-A-Pussy Kit safe to use?

Both replica casting kits are indeed safe to use on your body. The mounding part is made from high-grade alginate derived from seaweed, whilst the silicone part ( the fun part ) is created from medical-grade platinum cure silicone because of safety first!