A Beginner's Guide to Clone-A-Willy

Clone-A-Willy, the original penis casting kit, was established by Empire Labs in 1996. Clone-A-Willy brings the most unique, personalised silicone toys to bedrooms and everywhere.

Each Clone-A-Willy Kit features all the necessary tools and instructions, needed to create your very own detailed replica penis in silicone vibrating form! The casting kit is very popular amongst couples from all around the world. Simple to use, you just have to add water, then your penis, to produce a take on your very own penis.
You might see it as a giggle-at-first-sight, but it offers several extraordinary benefits because of its side-splitting-novelty value.

In this guide, you will learn about the process of using a Clone-A-Willy kit and why you should try it with your partner. 

Why would anyone want to clone their willy?

There are several reasons why most people choose to try out the Clone-A-Willy casting kit. For couples that are having a long-distance relationship, a handy penis replica is a perfect gift to provide single pleasure sessions to keep the centre in their lover’s mind and clone’s owner in front. Also, the couples who enjoy having sexy Skype sessions may find these casts as a constituent of realism for their on - screenplay. 

For men, who find it insulting to have a sex toy in their bedroom, it is the perfect product to reduce their insecure feelings. Also, it might be more exciting if your partner tells you that they love your penis, and they want a duplicate.
It is also an excellent toy, which can be used to fulfil the threesome fantasies, without including a third member in your bedroom.

The entire process of making this vibrator is somehow funny, but it can be an intimate erotic experience to share it with your partner.

Will my Clone-A-Willy penis be safe? 

Chemist creates this product, all the ingredients used are of highest standards, and both the vibrating dildo and mould are completely body-safe.
The powder used in moulding is algae-based alginate, which is the same chemical formula used by dentists to cast teeth. The cloned penis is produced from 100 per cent platinum - cured silicone, which is a stable product that will not deform or degrade over time.

Which Clone-A-Willy kit is right for me?

Magic Men sells many Clone-A-Willy moulding kits, as well as Clone-A-Pussy kit for the ladies that are seeking to replicate their vulva. Every kit provides a different take on the replication process. You can discover the equipment which is best for you:

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Penis Moulding Kit

You can recreate your partner’s best attractive feature using the original Clone-A-
Willy kit. It is a popular kit that will make sure that this type of toy that you will want in your bedside drawer every time. It is a great fun activity to do, and the results are fantastic. It covers the smallest of the details.

Clone-A-Willy kit Hot Pink

The Clone-A-Willy Kit in Hot Pink is a novelty value casting set with additional novelty value, this Clone-A-Willy vibrator casting kit hot pink enables you to create your vibrating clone of your man’s member.
This bright shade is perfect for those who usually want to customize their dildo even more creative.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark Vibrator Kit

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the dark vibrator kit produces a ghoulish glow when the lights are turned off. It is genuinely a fun concept, which is highly relevant around Halloween.

Clone-A-Willy Balls Vibrator Moulding Kit

This kit will allow you to cast the whole penis, including the balls, like the top-to-bottom replication. Also, the kit includes a multispeed vibrator, which is used to increase the range of sensations. It is a fun concept, everyone is going to love.